What do I get by subscribing?

 Ans: Subscribing to Mantro gives you access to various features on the app. You can manage the entirety of your food business from one place. The first 90 days are free after which you can choose from any one of our available plans or use top-ups to suit your individual requirements.

Why do I need to subscribe to a free plan to use the app?

Ans: Mantro is free for the first 90 days which allows you to access the core features of Mantro before committing to it entirely. After 90 days if you wish to continue using the app, you can choose from our various paid subscription plans and top-ups to cater to your individual requirements.

Where can I view my current subscription?

Ans: To view your current subscription, click on the Profile Icon at the bottom of your screen. Select your user profile and then click on the Subscription Details option. Here, you can view your current plan as well as other quarterly and yearly plans and top-ups.

Please note that only owners can view the subscription details through their log-in details.

Can I change between monthly and annual plans?

Ans: You can switch between monthly and annual plans only at the expiry of your current plan. At the end of your current plan, you can upgrade or downgrade or use top-ups to create a subscription plan according to your needs. You can view all our subscription options here.

What is your refund policy?

Ans: Unfortunately, Mantro has a no-refund policy However, you can opt out anytime you wish and always leave your feedback here.

How can I pay for my subscription plan?

Ans: We accept  Debit Card, Credit Card, Net Banking and UPIs. For payment, you will be securely redirected to Razor Pay. Confirmation of your payment will be done through an email sent to you registered email id.