we are a technology driven team focusing on scalable and localised solutions for the food industry and its the ones associated in it from all walks of life and all shapes and sizes! Our founders, having worked in the food industry themselves have an in depth knowledge and experience in the day to day operations of the foodscape of india. we aim to make the experience more robust and easy for all our patrons through technology and design !

Mantro is …

  • A mobile application dedicated to various small restaurant and cafes that have been operational in the foodscapes of India and have no structured management tool to run the show.
  • A tool for the humble, not so tech savvy restaurant employees and hence it stands out as a very practical option for most food and beverage businesses where more complex and tech driven RMS have failed to deliver consistently. 

Meet the team

Parikshit Karnik

Business Head

Saptesh Chaubal

Project Manager

Vivek Vasudevan

Design Head

Debasish Bouri

Tech Lead

Amit Kharkar

Head of Marketing and Subject Matter Expert